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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adobong Asparagus

I have no easy access to kangkong (water spinach) where I am now. But I do have a craving for this vegetarian recipe from time to time, especially when I feel I have too much baggage around my waistline, hehe...

So one day I cooked adobong asparagus for lunch. One bunch of asparagus was too much for lunch. So I had leftovers which my older son saw and tasted as soon as he got home. He told me, "This is good, Ma! It tastes familiar." I reminded him about adobong kangkong which we used to have back in the Philippines. "O, now I remember!" was his reply.

It was sooo good, in fact, that I probably will not anymore buy kangkong from a store two-hour drive away from me for the purposes of satisfying my craving for this veggie dish.

UPDATE as of 10-07-09:
This dish is well-loved now by at least two readers, and one of them, Sharon, even blogged about it (and about me -- thanks for the heaps of praises, Sharon!). Sharon's blog also has some very interesting baking recipes, although she says she is a newbie (I'd say she does great in baking, even better than I do, but she does not seem to believe that she is that good already). She has another blog which focuses on French to English translation (and actually works as F-->E translator). Her posts are very informative, and it is very apparent how erudite she is!

Ingredients: (all approximations)
1 bunch asparagus(sorry I forgot to take the weight, about the diameter of the circle you form when joining your two thumbs and middle fingers)
2 tbsp oil
3 cloves garlic, sliced
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vinegar
freshly milled pepper to taste
pinch of salt

Heat wok at medium setting for about 5 minutes while you prepare garlic and asparagus. Cut off the tips of asparagus about 3 inches, then chop the rest at 2-3 cm intervals down to the tough parts. Discard the tough parts of stems. Rinse well under cold water and let drain.
Heat oil for about 30 seconds and sautee garlic until light brown. Add asparagus and stir-fry about 3 minutes. Transfer veggies in a bowl/platter and keep warm. Pour soy sauce and vinegar to the wok and let simmer on low heat for about 5 minutes untouched. Place back the veggies into the pan carefully on top of the soy sauce-vingear without stirring. Sprinkle the freshly milled black pepper on top and add a pinch of salt. Let simmer uncovered without stirring for 3 minutes. Finally stir some more and turn off heat.

Serve with plain rice. Enjoy as is if you are trying to lose weight, or enjoy with a good protein source.


  1. This looks really delicious!! Yummie & simple! Do you use rice vinegar??

  2. Hi sophie,
    I used cane vinegar (the usual vinegar available in the Philippines), but you can definitely use rice vinegar.

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  4. I can't find kangkong here either so this is a welcome recipe! You have spinach as the first ingredient - does this have any in it?

  5. Hi TN,
    Hey, thanks for noticing that! I meant for it to be asparagus instead of spinach. I edited accordingly...teehee...

  6. From Sharon:
    "Hi Manang,
    I tried to leave a comment under the recipe but again the recipe has
    disappeared and I clicked on "read more" three times, hindi gumagalaw.
    I wanted to say that I made your recipe and it was delicious. It's
    definitely a keeper. Will make it soon again. Because I had some
    left over bacon fat, I used that to saute the garlic, and instead of
    white vinegar, I used my white rice vinegar (kasi matagal na sa pantry
    ako). I did take a photo and will upload it to you this week. I just
    have some writing deadlines to meet for clients. Pero, masarap ang
    adobo asparagus."

    Do you know what yu-choy is? It's an Asian vegetable. It's also a
    very simple recipe: lotsa garlic which I saute until brown, throw the
    yu-choy in (a whole bunch) - when shrunk in size, I throw about 8 tbsp
    of oyster sauce mixed in water. Sarap!

  7. asparagus adobo, new recipe, i bet i would love this


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