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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cassava Suman

From Cassava suman
I have always loved cassava, be it suman, or bibingka style, or pichi-pichi, or nilupak. (My father once added some grated cassava to his muffins topped with grated cheese, which we referred to as "cheesecake," and I loved the effect!).
Recently with all the grated cassava overload, after having been requested to prepare the pichi-pichi, I thought I'd make some cassava suman as well to bring to another Pinay gathering hosted by my friend Cecilia. Who would have thought a child would teach me how to make them? Not the child in the photo (whose name is Jessica), though, but a child blogger, Veggie Kid. The recipe and method was very simple, as long as you have all the ingredients, which I got from the Asian store. The only thing I changed was the cooking time. Instead of the 1 hour, I thought I would check after 20 minutes, and they were done!

1-16 oz. frozen grated cassava, thawed (about 2 cups)
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2- 3/4 cup sugar (I used the half cup then measured the sugar heaping)


I prepared my own grated yucca/cassava using my food processor. If you have pre-grated ones from the Asian store, you are lucky!

Prepare the steamer (I used boiling water canner with the rack, on which I placed a rounded cake cooling rack, then added about 2 inches of water and started boiling it).

Prepare the banana leaves (cut in appropriate sizes, dipped in boiling hot water, wiped).

Mix the ingredients, scoop out about 2 tbsp each and lay on the banana leaves for wrapping. Proceed as depicted in the slide show.

Place in bamboo steamer seam side and folds down. Cover and place in the steamer if ready (as in water is boiling)

Steam for 20 minutes or until done.

When I first tasted it, still piping hot, I thought the banana leaves' flavor was so overwhelming. But when it has cooled down some, and my friends (and the kids as well) had a taste of it, plain or with sugar, they all liked it! I did not have seconds, though, because there was not enough for seconds for anyone. Haha! Gone in a flash! Thanks a lot, Veggie Kid!

UPDATE - 02-12-09
A promisingly yummier variation was made by mrsRusty.


  1. I made suman before Manang but I used kamote instead of kamoteng kahoy,I just grated them too,and I like it alot....

  2. Wena,
    That is a brilliant idea!
    I am thinking of using camote as well in pandelimon or pandesal...also will experiment on squash pandesal or pandelimon...
    future proects...haha!

  3. I love suman and have always wanted to learn how to make it! If VeggieKid can do this, so can I. I'm need one of those boiling water canners - I've been putting my bamboo steamer on top of a wok which works fine but your method looks way better!

  4. Hi Manang! Next time you make cassava suman try adding buko and jackfruit strips, yummy rin :)

    You have been awarded. You can pick it up here.


  5. TN,
    I also tried that before, for puto, and it did not turn out well. I thought I'd use the canner + bamboo steamer, and I got very good results. Same with siopao. And you know what else. Haha! You won't regret it. If you have very big roasts to boil (like for lechon), you can use it as well.

    ms. foodie,
    thanks for that great idea! Yummy nai-imagine ko pa lang...hmmmm.
    Thanks for the lemon award. Will try to think of who to pass that on...I might find the time to post about it later on Wed afternoon.

  6. I made cassava suman before with the recipe of one of my co-worker before but I remembered she added sweet rice flour (Mochico) to make it chewy
    but yours it looks easy and simple ,I will try this too.It's been awhile na hindi na ako nakagawa nito..plus I lost the recipe.And the last time na nakagawa akong suman was 2 years ago pa at made with sweet rice pa.

  7. Luz,
    Is it a combi of sweet rice flour and cassava? I am so sure it tasted very good!
    I would have wanted to try making the sweet rice suman, but I was pressed for time. Next time na lang...

  8. Yes Manang, I can't remember the measurement of the sweet rice flour but it was so good too.

  9. I love pichi pichi (pinaglihian ko yan ate hehe) i alSo love linupak... yumm miss ko yan..

  10. wow, those are one of those foodie that my wife misses..

    by the way, i am following your blog.. hope u can visit and follow me too..

  11. glad to be here..it is my first time to visit here...thanks for sharing the recipes...kudos!

  12. Dhemz,
    Welcome to my site! hope you enjoy browsing the recipes here. :)

  13. is it coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut? pls reply asap.i really want to make this.

  14. Hi Anonymous,
    Plain shredded coconut (as in kinudkod na nyog). :)

  15. wena,pede pahingi ng recipe mong suman na kamote pls? fav. ko din ksi yan.nung sa pinas pa ako sa probinsya nmin ung mama ko minsan magluto sya ng suman na kamote.ang sarap tlaga! namiss ko tuloy. tnx in advance

  16. ate do i need to squeeze out the liquid from cassava after i thawed it or just thawed it if i'm going to use the frozen grated cassava from asian store?

  17. Anonymous,
    no you don't have to. Others say it causes bitterness. I have not noticed any, but if you want, you can try squeezing the excess juice out (I tried it before and squeezed out just a few drops anyway, that it would not have made any difference).

  18. malou cabrigas2/26/2011 5:19 PM

    wow ..it's my first time here.. when i moved to samar .they use brown sugar ..it's really yummy.. kamoteng kahoy or kamote..Malou of Juneau Alaska..

  19. Hi malou,
    Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy your visit here!

  20. hello,slamat at natagpuan ko itong site mo kusina ni mananag,ang ssarap ng mga niluluto mo,i try to make cassava suman at dito ko nakuha ang recipe thank you...

  21. Hi Anonymous,
    Salamat! have fun with my recipes here! Sana masarapan ka rin sa ibang recipes ko.

  22. hi po. pde rin po bang gumamit ng buko instead po na niyog?

  23. Hi Anonymous,
    Palagay ko, mas masarap pa yun! Wag lang siguro masyadong bata yung buko.

  24. no coconut milk?

  25. hi, can I use dessicated cocunut instead?

    1. I am sure you can. Try adding some water to it to rehydrate it.

    2. Hi Manang,
      Can I just steam the cassava mixture right away? Wala kasi kaming dahon ng saging dito.

    3. I think you can, covered with cloth to avoid drowning it.

  26. pwede ba gamitin yung pang kad kad ng cheese sa cassava?

    1. Pwede, yung finest na grater.


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