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Monday, January 17, 2005

Choc-Oat Chip Cookies

I know, I know...I previously said quite with a final tone that I might not try another cookie recipe, but I could not help trying this other recipe at the label of Nestle Toll House chocolate morsels, because I had a bag of old-fashioned rolled oats which had been sitting in the pantry for eons.

Basing on my observations in the past, my kids and husband did not like whole oats in breads. I presumed that they would not like this either. I sighed deeply and got on with it.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see those cookies gone in a matter of hours that night. I said to hubby,"I thought you did not like oats?"

"Are you kidding? I LOVE OATMEAL."

Now I have run out of rolled oats.

Recipe can be found here and at the back of the packaging of Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels (for a video of how-to and step-by-step photos, get the idea from the Original Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe here). So, for you newbies in cookie-baking like me, go ahead and get a big pack of those morsels and share with your family these sweet delights.Posted by Hello


  1. I will find me a bag of that morsels and give this cookie recipe a try ...thanks for sharing Manang.

  2. Yep, that's one of our favorite recipes too, the toll house cookie on the back of the chocolate chip package. Your cookies look great!

  3. daughter's been on sugar panic lately..took some to work..gone in an instant..no, I don't bake them..'got to admit I cook better than I bake.

  4. I baked another batch the next day...and I learned a lesson: NEVER BAKE ANYTHING TWICE IN A ROW. They get tired of it easily. Now I still have a dozen or so of those cookies untouched...

    Next time, 1 batch of cookies every two weeks only, and not of the same cookies in a row...no matter how much they say, "This is good! Can you make this again tomorrow? It's almost gone now." Never succumb to such requests and make them miss it.

    Sigh....why do I preoccupy myself at pleasing the tastebuds of my kids and husband?...


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